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Episode 26
How to Develop a “Talk Trigger” In Your Private Practice To Create A Powerful Word-Of-Mouth Strategy With Jay Baer

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Show Notes

In this episode, we talk to Jay Baer and discuss how to create a powerful word-of-mouth strategy for your clinic.

Jay is a Hall of Fame speaker and emcee, New York Times best-selling author of six books, an Internet pioneer, A 7th-generation entrepreneur, and the founder of five, multi-million dollar companies.

Jay’s book is Talk Triggers: The Complete Guide to Creating Customers With Word of Mouth, which is the complete blueprint for growing a business by giving customers a memorable story to tell.

He was interviewed by Phil about his book and his key ideas for how hearing care practice owners can create more conversations and impactful patient stories.

Here are some key highlights:

What is a Talk Trigger and why is it so important?

In Jay’s words, a Talk Trigger is an operational choice that you make in your business that is designed to create conversations.

As opposed to being a marketing strategy per se, Jay sees a talk trigger as a more experiential and operational way of doing business that creates experiences that support a marketing strategy.

Jay explains that the best way to grow any business is for your customers to grow it for you. He tells us his favorite quote from Robert Stephens:

“Advertising is a tax paid by the unremarkable.”

Many of the most successful brands in the world advertise the least because their customers do the job of advertising for them – and they do it for free. So the least expensive and most effective way to grow your business is for your customers to bring in new customers for you.

So, take a break and enjoy gaining valuable knowledge that you can apply to your practice as soon as you’re ready.


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