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Headshot of Oli Luke, Co-Founder and Marketing Manager of Orange & Gray

Meet Oli Luke

Oli Luke is a marketing strategist behind some of the most successful private practice hearing care clinics in North America.

After building a digital marketing group and a direct mail company in the UK, Oli met the hearing care industry in 2017. With a small group of clinics across Texas, he implemented several unique industry-first ideas which delivered record results for driving upgrades and online growth.

Following demand for further help and ideas, he founded private consultancy group Orange & Gray alongside Phil M Jones to partner with a small number of high-performing private practices to help them to run strategic content marketing campaigns and grow revenue.

Orange & Gray have since grown into one of the most respected marketing consultancy groups in private practice hearing care helping some of the best-performing clinics in North America to accelerate growth and be at the fore-front of industry developments.

He now spends his time developing marketing strategies to help his “Inner Circle” members to continue to lead change, and crafting high-performing marketing campaigns (typically over an obscene amount of coffee).

Although based in the UK and still unsure how American Football works or what a Wendy’s is – he spends his free time trying to keep up with his two young sons and arguing with his wife over what to watch on Netflix.


Introducing Orange & Gray

Orange & Gray are on a mission to educate and empower independent audiologist private practices. Allowing them to take control of their own future, maximise profitability and demonstrate their true value.

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