Goliath Has Become David, and David Has Become Goliath

Private practice ruled the roost.

If somebody had a hearing challenge, they naturally came to you or somebody like you.

The only battle that you had was convincing local people to choose you over another local clinic, or at worst, a big box store.

It’s why you could run a newspaper advert and get patients, or run a mailer and get phone calls.

But over the past several years, things have changed … and you’re probably feeling it.

Patients are harder to find, their harder to convince and what worked just a few years ago is now delivering zero results.

Why is this happening? Well, the same technological shifts that have impacted nearly every other industry have slowly been conspiring in hearing care.

  • Millions of dollars of investment have been pumped into direct-to-consumer offerings.
  • Some of the world’s biggest technology brands are entering the market with over-the-counter offerings
  • And more and more insurance companies are minimizing your involvement and giving their customers a terrible third party benefit

It’s changing the conversation around hearing loss and the options available.

The worst part is, it’s only just getting started.

  • The big direct-to-consumer brands are only just finding their feet, they’re start-ups.
  • Over-the-counter is not even here yet and it’s already got patients talking
  • And it’s surely a matter of time until more and more insurance companies introduce third party benefits and explore ways to cut you out of the process

David has become Goliath, and Goliath has become David.

Now, more than ever, private practice independent hearing care is on the ropes, and the big tech companies are yet to even throw a punch.

It means that we have two choices.

1. We lace our gloves up, get ready to battle and learn the techniques to protect ourselves and exchange blows

2. We’re going to be put on our backside

The Business of Hearing has a very simple mission; to arm you with the tools, the trainings and the understanding to build a stronger business, protect your future and ensure that the best days are yet to come.

Having been created by the team behind Orange & Gray, a secret group of marketing experts that partner with the highest-performing private practices in the US and Canada, the goal is to share the knowledge, lessons and expertise to help private practice to flourish in this fast-changing landscape.

Through expert contributors sharing key lessons, private practice leaders sharing their best kept secrets and proven trainings on how you can deploy smart thinking, marketing campaigns and expertise into your business.

If you’re ready to lace up your gloves and put your gum-shield in, then we’re in your corner and ready for the battle.

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