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Essential training courses to demistfy modern marketing and arm you with the tools and understanding to make smarter decisions with your marketing efforts


How To Launch An Email Newsletter That Turns Patients Into Friends, Keeps You Top Of Mind And Maximizes Future Database Opportunities

In this Building Block, you’re going to learn the steps that you can follow to implement an email newsletter with minimal effort to keep patients engaged, ensure your database remains hot and maximize future opportunities.


How To Prove Your Expertise And Accelerate Your SEO By Comprehensively Answering The Most Commonly Searched Hearing Related Questions Through Your Website

This detailed ‘Building Block’ shares a step-by-step breakdown of how content marketing can impact your online presence, how you can research the questions people are asking local to you and the steps required to write powerful articles.


The High-Performing Website Checklist: The 6 Critical Components That Your Website Needs to Attract, Convince and Convert in Today's World

There are no “pie in the sky” ideas – this is a hard-hitting, direct-to-the-point training that will help you to understand the key foundations to build your new website on OR the simple amendments that you can make to your existing website.

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The SEO Crash-Course: How SEO Really Works in Hearing Care and The Simple Things That You Can Do to Make the Biggest Difference

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How to Discover Your 'Tip of Arrow' and Clearly Articulate Why Somebody Should Choose You Over all Other Options Available in This Ulta-Competitive Marketplace

Campaign Template & Training:
The High-Performing Upgrade Campaign to Send to Your 7+ Year ‘Stubborn’ Patients


  • A breakdown of how this high-performing upgrade mailer works
  • The exact criteria of which patients should receive the campaign
  • The ‘fill-in-the-blank’ templates and instructions
  • Tips and tricks for maximizing response

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